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Поиск деловых партнеров Организация открытых, корпоративных семинаров и тренингов Организационный, кадровый и финансовый консалтинг Развитие бизнеса


We see us as partners of foreign companies - global players- coming to Russia and we are willing to support them in business in Russia.

Come and do business in Russia!

We are your partner on site!


We invite you to cooperate in following spheres:


Support by entering the market in Russia

- market research, market potential analyses

- establishing contacts to potential customers and partners

- development of distribution net channels in RF

- stock exchange of business contacts

- product presentations

- visiting of exibitions

- consulting and training to intercultural business communikation

- representation of your company in Russia


Support by winding up the business in russia


- preparing of the project

- contacts by regional administration

- osnovaniye of subsidary, joint-venture: choosing the place, registrating the company, searching of the office rooms...

- seminars and product trainings for buyers

- legal questions

- translating of information

Recruiting – engineers, technicians, office staff.

Executive Search: Representant, CEO, finances, marketing etc.

Customer references

Customer references ООО "ЛАПП Руссия" Customer references JSC PES-SCC Customer references ООО "Ителла"


Our support is based on many years experience of Doing Business in Russia.

Senior consultant of our Center Mr. Hartmut Hengstwerth had being leading the Russian-American Joint venture in Samara for more than 10 years.

Nearly everybody in our team is speaking English and German.

Our partners network and our team consisting of high professionals let us realise projects in different spheres of business.